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May 3

Poison and not so Poisonous

The common ant traps are not poisonous. They are highly attractive to dogs as the bait is often either sweet or oily. Potentially the plastic could cause a problem if your pet swallowed it whole. I  recommend placing them in safe areas.

While ant traps may be harmless, many other items in the household are toxic to your four legged friend. Rat poison is extremely toxic. The older types cause internal bleeding, while the newer types can cause brain swelling. If you suspect your pet has eaten rat poison, please bring in the box to help us determine the type and treat your pet properly. If you are putting out rat or mouse poison, please use the provided bait boxes to protect everyone’s four legged friend.

Now that the warm weather is here, please be careful with slug and snail bait. This bait is extremely poisonous to pets. If you suspect your dog has eaten any of this bait, you should bring your pet immediately to the veterinarian. Metaldehyde causes convulsions and hyperthermia.

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