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Jan 14

Poisons in Your Home

Poisons in Your Home
Laundry Detergent Pods

Old-fashioned laundry detergent powder or liquid tastes bad enough that few pets will ingest a toxic amount. Unfortunately the new detergent pods can be ingested in large quantities quickly. Both human and animal poison controls have reported illnesses with ingestion of these pods.

Over the past two years the Pet Poison Helpline reported that 72% of pets developed clinical signs.1 The most common sign was vomiting; less frequent signs were cough, lethargy, and wheezing.

If your pet ingests laundry or dishwasher pods, we recommend dilution of the product. Rinse skin or eye contact areas with copious amounts of water. Rinse the mouth if possible and encourage your pet to drink water. If your pet vomits frequently or has breathing difficulty, call your veterinarian. There is no specific antidote, but supportive care may be needed.

The safest bet is to keep these shiny, colorful pods well away from you pet.

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