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Jan 17

Radio Surgery vs Laser Surgery

Radio Surgery vs Laser Surgery

At Baker House Animal Hospital, we use the Ellman radiosurgical device for many of our procedures requiring fine detail and cosmetic results. The Surgitron is a high frequency radiosurgical device that allows for precise surgery with limited bleeding and faster healing. We use radiosurgery for mass removal, declaws, surgery of the eyelids, and oral surgery. With the radiosurgery unit, your pet has faster healing and less pain.

Why Radio Surgery over Laser?

The scientific literature clearly shows that Laser Surgery causes a thermal injury to the tissue which slows healing. The surgeons at Baker House are trained in both Laser and Radio Surgery, and it is their opinion that Radio Surgery is the superior tool for most procedures being advertised for the Laser. One simple example is the feline declaw procedure – the radio surgery device is not only less traumatic but much faster. Laser Surgery has its place in veterinary medicine but it is limited.

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  1. April 14, 2013

    How come there are not more vets using radio surgery? My local vet, my sister vet in Bowling Green have not heard of radio surgery and it seems few have. Why?

    My kitten needs declawed and I have found only one vet in the Columbus metro area that is doing the procedure with radio surgery.


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