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Vaccines for Life

The doctors of Baker House strongly believe a yearly exam is the best medicine for your pet. This program makes those exams affordable for everyone.

  • For pets of all ages
  • Cost: $90 per pet (one-time, non-refundable fee)
  • Non-transferrable to other pets or to other owners
  • Requires initial exam and yearly wellness exam thereafter

Routine vaccinations covered by this program include the following:


  1. Rabies – every 3 years after initial booster
  2. Distemper/parvo combined (DAP) – every 3 years after initial boosters
  3. Bordetella – every 6 months after initial booster
  4. Leptospirosis – annually after initial booster
  5. Program does NOT include Canine Influenza or Lyme disease vaccines (however, both can be purchased separately from our hospital)


  1. Rabies – every 3 years after initial booster
  2. FVRCP combined – every 3 years after initial booster
  3. Feline Leukemia – every 2 years after initial booster
  4. Program does NOT include Feline FIV (not provided or recommended by our hospital)


Q: I have multiple pets — can I enter them all in the Lifetime Vaccine Program?

A: YES! You may enter as many pets as you would like in the program. A separate fee for each pet will be charged.

Q: Why should my pet  have an annual exam?

A: The Baker House doctors strongly believe a yearly exam is the best medicine for your pet. This program makes those exams affordable for everyone.

Q: My pet isn’t due for any vaccines today, but I want to join the program while it’s available. Can I do that?

A: YES! You can enroll your pet in the program at any time.

Q: What happens if my pet doesn’t get an annual vet exam?

A: If you fail to present your pet for a physical exam at least once per 12-month period, then this vaccination program will be considered null and void. You will pay for both vaccines and exams at the clinic’s regular rates. If the program is still available for new participants, you may re-enroll your pet in the program at the current cost.

Q: What happens if Baker House decides to discontinue the program in the future and I have already enrolled my pet?

A: Baker House reserves the right to adjust the price or discontinue the program in the future. However, once your pet is enrolled, you will continue to receive the covered vaccinations throughout the life of your pet (as long as other provisions of the program are met, such as the annual exam). If Baker House would decide to discontinue the program, we simply would stop enrolling any new pets in the program at that point. This is one reason why we would encourage you to sign up now!

Q: I signed up my pet dog “Sandy” for the vaccination program, but I decided to give Sandy to another person. Can I switch Sandy’s covered vaccines to my other pet dog “Lincoln”? How would Baker House handle this?

A: The program is not transferrable to any other clients or any other pets. The person who adopted Sandy may re-enroll her in the program at the current cost and if the program is still available. In order for your other pet Lincoln to be covered, you would have to enroll him separately in the program.

Q: If I enroll my pet in this program, does that mean he/she will receive every vaccine every year?

A: NO. Not all pets are due for every vaccine every year. For example, Rabies is typically administered first around 3-4 months of age, with the initial booster being one year later. Thereafter, Rabies is typically administered every 3 years. The timing and need for your pet’s vaccinations will be evaluated individually by Baker House Veterinarians and Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVT’s). Please feel free to ask us any questions about our vaccine protocols for dogs and cats.

Q: I don’t want my dog to get the Bordetella vaccine. Can I pay a reduced price?

A: No. There will be no change in the enrollment fee for any pet. Although you certainly have the right to decide not to receive a vaccination for your pet, the program would be impossible for us to manage given too many variables. Please feel free to discuss the Baker House protocols and these vaccination  recommendations with our Vets and RVT’s.