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Value Your Pet. Save Money.

We offer Wellness Plans that are a maximum value to you and your pet.

We’ve bundled a years worth of treatment for puppies and kittens that with this simple plan you save over $200.

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What our pet owners have to say about us:

Thank you so much for helping my dog. His accident did have me rather stressed, but you and your staff were very prompt and kind. In the end I have a well treated dog, and I so much happier.
Mike H.
Being a new kitty owner, your staff was so kind and helpful to answer all my "crazy" questions about kittens. I'm normally a dog person, but Pepper won me over and I think she won the staff over as well. Thank you for being so patient with me.
Cindy D., owner of “Pepper”
Three cheers for a great clinic! You all were so kind and you keep such a clean place, that Miss Kitty and I were very happy to be there.
Jodi L.
When I say I have a big dog, I have a big dog of 100+ pounds. Doctor Molloy did a great job handling and treating Mr. T. His tail was wagging a mile a minute afterwards. I will be coming back.
James B., owner of “Mr. T.”


  • Monday - 9am-11am walk-in; 11:30am-1pm appts; 3pm-6:30pm appts
  • Tuesday - 9am-11:30am appts (Vet); 2pm-6pm walk in (TECH only - no Vet & no sick animals!)
  • Wednesday 3pm-6pm walk-in
  • Thursday 1pm-3:30pm appts; 4pm-6:30pm walk-in
  • Friday 2pm-5pm walk-in
  • Saturday 8:30am to 12:30pm walk-in
  • Sunday closed